Summer / Fall 09

About every seven years or so we get the itch, yes, you can call it the seven-year itch...the desire for a new home.. Not that it was pre-planned or anything, we just happened to figure it out one day after moving in to house #3. Very weird.

People that have lived in the same house their entire life have always amazed me. I’m sure it has to do with the level of satisfaction they have with the home, some personality trait, or maybe a side effect of an obsessive compulsive disorder. It could be that they have learned to stay away from the new home shows.

Speaking of new home shows, inside this issue of Life+Spaces is a feature on two spectacular dream homes that were chosen by our editors as the best of our two area annual home shows.

We looked for the homes that best met the needs of a family today and felt would still meet their needs in the future. My own personal record, by the way, no longer holds true. We’ve just passed the 8-year mark -- maybe it’s time for a new 9-year record.

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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