Spring 2014

There’s one thing you can say about this past winter: it makes you appreciate the spring so much more than usual!

Here at Life+Spaces, it’s our job to look forward and plan future issues. Let me say, we’ve relished putting together this spring issue! The idea of the tulips popping up through the ground (yes, they’re down there somewhere) makes you feel excited and hopeful.

If you’ve been looking online at home remodeling projects all winter, now’s the time to call your favorite architect and contractor to put those plans into action. Just think how much you and your family will enjoy the outdoors with a new deck, patio or porch. And, you won’t have to put on three or four layers of clothing just to go outside.

In this issue:

We are the first to look at Connie and Steve McTigue’s remodeled villa in the historic Erskine Manor on South Bend’s south side. The space brings together their love of art, entertaining and family.

Ever heard the term “Master Gardener?” We feature several local Master Gardeners, who not only promote the value of all things green, but volunteer their time to help others who want to get their hands dirty.

Indiana Whiskey has come to South Bend. Read our fascinating story about Charlie Florance, a veteran and Notre Dame MBA grad who decided to make a product from all Indiana ingredients.

So, no more school closings, salt on your shoes, subzero temps or eight-foot snowdrifts. Get ready for green grass, blue skies, and cookouts with your family and friends!

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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