Spring 10

We all have our reasons for living the three R’s—reusing, reducing, and recycling. My eco-friendly habits come from the images stuck forever in my mind—those of the innocent wildlife covered in the thick, black oil of the 1981 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

The “green” movement and its momentum is fascinating to me. Each of the two families we’ve featured in this issue have their own reasons why they fully embrace the movement. Read about their journey to a green lifestyle.

As I begin to retrace my family roots and explore the world of genealogy, I’ve learned that there are many others like myself taking an expedition of their own family history. I’ll be sharing this journey with you to my own family roots in what was formerly Hungary but now part of Austria.

Also in this issue is the incredible story of two families and their journey to home ownership through our Caring Spaces organization, Habitat for Humanity.

Happy spring!

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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