Fall/Winter 2015

In reviewing past issues of Life + Spaces since we began publishing in 2008, I’m proud of the fact that we’ve always held true to its mission of being more than just a local home and garden magazine. In every issue, we seek to give our readers a look into the lives of local people sharing their stories of success, inspiration and creativity with the spaces in which they live, work, play and entertain. It’s about everything that makes our space – our region – unique.

Our uniqueness is also represented by our locally owned businesses that believe in the mission of Life+Spaces and make it possible for us to assemble and produce this publication for you to enjoy.

The lineup of articles in this issue truly exemplifies the uniqueness of our region­—great comfort foods, outdoor activities (regardless of the weather), and plenty of reasons to gather and party! I hope you enjoy your time spent with us.

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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