Fall / Winter 10

I’m sure that you took notice of the rather unusual cover on this issue of Life+Spaces! It is intended to reflect the array of unusual and unique product finds in our Holiday Gift Guide—gift ideas of all types, sizes and prices for everyone on your list—including the pet bunny!

What can I say about our “Quest for the Best” feature in this issue but, “love pizza!” Did you know about the many pizza positives, i.e., that it’s full of healthy ingredients and provides a complete and balanced meal? Of course, moderation is key.

Let’s stay on the subject of food, can we? Inside this issue also find a photo feature of the great time had by our second Gourmet for a Day giveaway winner, the Spicer family of Niles, Michigan.

Moving away now from food, you must read about the historic Shelly home, the “grand dame” of a typical Elkhart neighborhood, and its ongoing restoration. Also take a “Tour of Countertops,” and ride along in the Kulesia’s motor home—read on and enjoy!

Happy holidays to all,

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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