Fall 2012

Ever heard of Fiddler’s Elbow, the Old Specked Hen, the Seriously Bad Elf, Old Engine Oil or the Screaming Ape Porter? And, no, these are not names of music groups but rather some of the funniest and strangest names for BEER. Someone in Singapore has even come up with Tiger Beer Ice Cream, a blend of beer, hops and sugar.

With all the Oktoberfest celebrations in the fall, this is a great time to take a closer look at all the craft breweries that have sprung up in our area and why people are flocking to them. In this issue, we take a beer tour in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan to try out some of these locally produced brews. We also explore the fascinating family history that led two young businessmen into hops.

Also in this issue:

We feature the amazing work of auto restorer Gregg Wegenke, article by Kathe Brunton and illustrated by Photographer Steve Toepp.

Scott Ford, the new Director of Economic Development for the City of South Bend under Mayor Pete Buttigieg, talks to us about his ideas for the future of the city.

Life + Spaces will be taking a winter hiatus, but we won’t be hibernating.We’ll be back in early March with an exciting Spring issue!

So, pick up your favorite mug of beer and enjoy.

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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