Fall 2010

This summer, I had a true “life and spaces” adventure that took me
to another dimension of my life – my family’s lineage. Our journey
took me and my son over 10,000 miles of road, rail, and water, and
over a dozen cities that took me back into history and the roots of
my family’s heritage, Austria and Hungary.

The emotions that consumed me during this journey – in learning
more about the “history of me” and how I came to be me, an
American, is diÉ cult to put into words. Trying to relive what my
grandparents experienced and their decision to leave their familiar
homeland to escape the war that was to come for a country they
knew little about was an incredible leap that I’m not sure even I
would have the courage to do.

Look for more on this journey to “know thyself” in our upcoming
winter issue of Life+Spaces.

Denise Crowell
Denise Crowel
Editor & Publisher


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