The Ultimate Staycation

By+Shelly M. Kurz

Kurt and Kristy Kruggel have created the ultimate “staycation” right in their own backyard. Just last fall they completed a major patio remodel project, which includes a seven-person capacity Hot Spring hot tub from Evergreen Spas & Saunas in Mishawaka. When they bought their Granger home five years ago, the interior was absolutely perfect and needed no remodeling whatsoever. It was the backyard living area that lacked charm and character. “It had a cracked concrete slab for a patio, that’s all,” recalls Kurt. “It was okay but just not as functional as we wanted it to be,” adds Kristy. As a family who loves being outdoors and entertaining, they started thinking about making some changes. “Finding the time to take vacations is nearly impossible with work and all the kids’ activities, so we wanted to create our own paradise right here at home.”

The entire remodeled patio is absolutely stunning, with it’s multi level stone design, winding walkways, sitting walls, fire pit and serving buffet. It’s the Hot Spring hot tub, however, that really adds luxury, comfort and quality family fun to the Kruggel’s backyard living space. For years, they had talked about having a hot tub. “We’d come home from skiing and joke ‘hey, let’s get in the hot tub’…the one we didn’t have,” laughs Kristy.

Once they decided to move forward with the patio remodel project, they knew a hot tub had to be included in the design. “We knew several people who had bought from Evergreen Spas and they were all very happy so we decided to go in. We met Wendy, who’s a wealth of knowledge.” The professional staff at Evergreen Spas and Saunas pride themselves on a low-pressure, informative sales approach, along with a service warranty that’s second to none. With so much to learn in terms of efficiency, filter systems and jet configurations, both Kurt and Kristy were impressed with the education they got from Wendy. “She was patient with us as we shopped around,” said Kurt, “but in the end, we were most impressed with Wendy, Evergreen and the Hot Spring brand.”

Once they narrowed down their choices, there was still more research to do. “Wet tests are the only way to really know if a particular hot tub is right for you and your family. You just don’t know until you’ve gotten in and tried it,” said Kurt. Had it not been for wet testing several models, the Kruggel’s feel sure they would have picked the wrong tub for their needs. “We thought we knew exactly which one we wanted but once I got in, I couldn’t stay in the lounge seat,” remembers Kristy. “I kept floating out of it.” The final decision was actually made by Ana, the couple’s nine-year-old daughter. “She wet tested with us and when she got into the model we ended up buying, she loved it. From her perspective, it had more room, was easier to get around in and, because the seats didn’t take up as much space, it felt like a pool in the middle.” The Kruggel’s two other children, Sydney, 14 and Colorado, 11, have no complaints about Ana’s final pick. “The kids just love it and the best part is, it keeps them and their friends right here so we always know where they are and what they’re doing,” said Kristy.

Looking back at their decision to purchase a hot tub from Evergreen Spas and Saunas, Kurt and Kristy agreed they have only one regret. “We just wish we had bought it sooner!”