Increasing The WOW Factor In Your Home

By+Shelly M. Kurz

Does your home inspire a “Wow!” when you settle in for a relaxing evening? If not, a visit to Allegro Audio and Video Interiors can change that. Allegro owners Jonathan and Bethany Wesco have built a brand new design center like none other. It enables you to experience all aspects of the electronic home and lifestyle enhancements available.

Whether you’re considering a home theater and entertainment system, multi-room audio or whole-house automation, the experts at Allegro will work within your budget to design a system that meets your needs—and your Wow factor requirements.

What you’ll discover at Allegro Audio Video Interiors is a magnificent showroom designed so that all of your senses experience the technology. “We try to show clients what’s available, what can be done and then introduce them to products and technology they may not even know existed,” says Jonathan. The room settings not only show the technology available, but also how you can enjoy the elements without seeing proof that they exist. Wires are virtually non-existent, speakers and components are neatly tucked away so as not to distract from the pure pleasure of the high quality audio and video presentation.

Start your journey through Allegro by taking a seat in the theater room. Slowly recline back and escape reality as you get caught up in not just the picture quality, but in the surround sound that seems to catapult you right into the action on screen. Add some popcorn and it’s nothing short of your very own private cinema.

Wander into the family room and watch as, with the ease and convenience of one remote control, the expericnce begins. A flat screen is slowly revealed from behind a painting, the fireplace ignites, lights dim, shades are drawn and you and your family are ready for a relaxing evening.

Then there’s the home office/conference room. At first glance it appears typical enough, a large conference table facing a wall of beautiful cabinetry complete with bookcases, display shelves and storage. But look closer and you’ll see that, with a slight twist of the wrist, the center bookcase actually revolves around to reveal a large flat screen TV. Impeccable video and sound surround you in this impressive setting that’s as perfect for a business meeting as it is for a private study.

While you’re getting caught up in the incredible video technology at Allegro, stop a moment and just listen to the sound quality of the whole-house audio system. Imagine your docked iPod delivering music throughout the entire house, creating your very own concert hall. Or, maybe you’d prefer audio in certain rooms to create a more intimate music environment. It’s as easy as pushing a button to customize when and where you enjoy your favorite songs.

The professionals at Allegro Audio Video Interiors will meet with you to uncover your needs and desires, then they’ll create a custom design for your home that will bring your electronic dreams to life. “We are orchestrating your home while enhancing your lifestyle,” says Jonathan. “At the end of the day, our biggest reward is seeing a customer really enjoy their system, without the confusion of five different remotes to run it…just sitting down, relaxing and enjoying.”