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O’Hana Heritage Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization that was established in 2004 by a group of founders whose dream was to build a home away from home for medically fragile children. The shared vision was to provide short term skilled nursing care in this home, giving parents and caregivers a much needed break from the 24 hour demands of caring for their fragile child. The home was to be a lifeline for the families and a sanctuary for these special children. With one inspiring family story after another, the parents, doctors, nurses, therapists and teachers who saw the need for O’Hana Heritage Foundation set out determined to secure the necessary resources to build and sustain this dream home which is the first of its kind in Indiana.. They shared the stories of increasing numbers of families caring for children who had survived a variety of illnesses and injuries, and now require constant care and life-saving technology, provided in their homes, by dedicated caregivers who have no opportunities for respite or renewal for themselves.

The home now named, A Rosie Place, is designed to be a welcoming, nurturing, therapeutic environment, yet accommodate state-of-the-art technology for the care of these special children. A Rosie Place includes a comfortable resource library for parents, a conference and training room for community education, and an outdoor playground area. The timeless nature theme throughout the home promises to be an exciting environment that fosters the physical and emotional growth of these special children. Construction is almost complete on this 7,400 square foot, six bedroom home that will serve up to ten children overnight and provide networking and volunteer opportunities for all who love children.

A Rosie Place, located at 53131 Quince Road, “will bring peace of mind to so many parents whose children are living with many different medical challenges” says Cyndy Hoexum of Bristol, who along with her husband Bryan are parents of 7 ½ yr. old Darren, who requires full time care including daily medication and breathing treatments. “A Rosie Place will allow us the peace of mind that our son will be safe if we need to be out of town. Our family has been wonderful in helping us to this point, but now that Darren’s weight is up to 50 pounds, he’s becoming more difficult to lift.”

For more information on A Rosie Place by O’Hana Heritage Foundation please visit our website www.ohanaheritage.org or call the Executive Director, Tieal Bishop, at (574) 315-6283.


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