Designers Showcasing Their Style


Interior Designer: Richard Samuels Owner of Interiors by Design

Biography: I have been designing residential and commercial interiors for more that 25 years. I am an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Several of the homes that I have designed, have been featured in national publications, such as The CEDIA Awards Electronic Lifestyle, ARCHI TECH Residential, and Electronic House magazines for the Best Tech Home. Locally I have been featured in the Executive Journal Magazine, and have appeared in the Lake and Shore Magazines.

Personal Luxuries… For my clients, I enjoy designing Luxurious Master Bathrooms. I love to incorporate as many creature comforts as possible.

What drives me crazy...
Bookcases without any books.
Different colors of carpeting in adjoining rooms.
Rooms without personality, impact or interest.
Homes with basic white walls.

What makes a house a home…There are several elements that woven together will interact with your furnishings and create a unique personality for your home. Window treatments add color and pattern which enhance your room and your view. Area rugs impact the furnishings, ground the grouping and create interest. Artwork can add depth and even change the tone and emotional feel of the room. Of course the addition of family photos, collections and mementos will also reflect our client’s well-traveled lives and their sophisticated tastes.

Favorite decorating tip…Create a scrapbook from magazines of items you like, or items you dislike. For some of my clients, it is easier for them to tell me what they don’t like. Devise a master plan. Do not paint a room without knowing what the contiguous room color will be.

Can’t go wrong with…Good lighting. From well designed zones of recessed lighting on dimmers, to chandeliers and table lamps, lighting impacts how you view your furnishings. I like to design lighting for multi functions. This could be a cozy evening watching TV with the family, to an open house for 30 of your friends, and everything in between.

I love color and how color impacts a home and the people who live there.

Janet Bomke of Luxe Home Interiors

A designer for over 18 years and the owner of Luxe Home
Interiors, (formerly Norwalk)

I am inspired by...
More important than what I’m inspired by is what my client is. By them telling me about their inspirations--a color, a fabric, a painting, the architecture of the room, I can help them.

My signature, if I have one is to put the clients lifestyle, likes and dislikes and comfort into every project. The end result is the “John Hancock” of the home owner.

Best decorating solutions are when the problem areas are studied and determined what would work; many times you may have several options.

Something that drives me crazy is when a homeowner lets others determine if they, the homeowner, should like the choices or decisions they’ve made.

What makes a house a home? Be sure to have personal objects that have meaning to you throughout your home. Everyone needs their home to reflect who lives there.

Favorite decorating tip: Please choose your paint colors last. Fabrics always first!

Can’t go wrong with: Mixing painted and wood tone casegoods. Metal and natural fibers for accent pieces.

Color palette! I’ve never seen so many interesting combinations. Our new fabrics are the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time.

Common decorating mistakes I’ve found: To much furniture in a space; scale of the room and furniture is the key.

Deborah D. Carpenter, ASID

Design assistant at London House, Louisville, KY working w/ the interior design of high end residential projects

I passed the ASID exam and became a professional member of the American Society of Interiors along with passing the NCIDQ exam (The National Council for Interior Design Qualification)

The majority of my professional career has been working with residential clients, professional office spaces & club houses for multi-family housing.

Don’t forget to keep the big picture in mind, they vary depending on the space available--

1. Placement of a vertical collage of artwork on the wall to visually create a desired higher ceiling

2. Window treatment styles that allow a window to appear larger

3. Raise an existing lamp that is too short for a desired location by adding two to three rich leather books on an angle below the base…
I am inspired by:  The team approach of working with clients  on the interior of their residence to ultimately express THEIR personality thru architecture, color, style of furniture  and accessories.  So that upon conclusion of the project, hearing them say: “It’s so much more than I imagined it would be !”

It’s all about “the attention to detail”! …
My Signature:  I enjoy the mix of patterns and textures, florals with checks and plaids, and the use of area rugs as an anchor with lots of attention given to window treatments.  I love embellishments and  the combination  of  hand painted accent pieces blended with stained furniture.
Best Decorating Solutions:
1) Multiple uses for one item, example:  The use of a storage ottoman as a coffee table

2)  The use of paint to allow a space to appear larger or smaller.  Do not be afraid of using rich colors; they can definitely add to the atmosphere of a room, THAT being more important than the size.

3) The use of top down – bottom up shades allowing standing privacy w/ sunlight shining thru above

4) Adding interest to a stairway with the use of accent borders with the usual one color carpet selected, oriental runners add interest on wood stairs…
Can’t go wrong with:  Monochromatic color theme w/ accessories for accent. Selecting the proper scale of furniture for your size room, the use of minimal change in floor coverings in open areas. An area rug for interest. Furniture placement on an angle

Jeffrey & Jamie Helman

Jeffrey is a registered Architect, Member of the American Institute of Architects, attended Ball State University, College of Architecture and Planning, founded HELMAN Architecture + Design in 1990, and expanded to HELMAN SECHRIST Architecture in 2004 with Partner Brad Sechrist

Jamie is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College Bachelor of Fine Art, with professional work in interior design, as well as an artist and business owner.

I am inspired by:
All aspects of the design world including furniture, fashion, automotive, and graphic design. I believe that good design is a universal precept that can be applied to both a macro and a micro scale. In the architecture we create, I am most inspired by the roots of the Shingle Style and of much of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. However, increasingly I  find an affinity for aspects of modern design as well for its cleanliness and honesty of form and materials. - Jeffrey

Best design solutions...
The very best design solutions are those that at once are a solution to a problem and at the same time beautiful and elegant in their own right. I think of architects as creative problem solvers, mixing the art and science of building. To err on one side or the other will usually not produce the ideal solution.

My signatures: Bold colors

Favorite design tips:
When is doubt, keep it simple, straightforward and honest. Typically the most functional design will stand the test of time, while the eye candy will sometimes fade.

Best decorating solutions...
NO white walls! Can’t go wrong with a fresh coat of paint!

Common decorating mistakes I’ve found...
Decorating is personal and I do not believe there are mistakes . It is all about what makes your space livable and enjoyable to you. Of course there are many people who don’t have a clue of what makes that happen for them, and they need the guidance of a professional. But even in hiring a designer, don’t let the space become their space. It should be a reflection of your unique personality.

Can’t go wrong with:
Natural materials that provide long lasting warm and character, timeless to the whims of style.

Favorite color palette...
I love rich colors and always use a smidge of burnt umber in everything!

Carol Brademas
Degree in interior design from Purdue University; founder and owner of Interiors Etc. since 1975.
I am inspired by:  Designer Charles Faudree (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and my best friend, Gwen Oldfield; a few over-the-top showrooms at the Atlanta Mart.
My signatures:  Creative window treatments and well-accessorized rooms
Best decorating solutions:  Paint a room a deep color or wallpaper all four walls for an immediate cozy look; when space is limited, use a large round or square ottoman for a combination coffee table/foot rest; fill your bookcase with lots of books (!) and only select accessories, instead of lots of little knicknacks. 
Personal luxuries:  Dark chocolate, regular pedicures, and down throw pillows
What drives me crazy:  People who are always late!
What makes a house a home:  Lovingly-selected antiques, family photos, and a fire in the fireplace
Favorite decorating tips:  Every room needs a touch of black; accessorize the tops of your tall pieces --- armoires, bookcases, cupboards and secretaries;  most rooms need more lamps!
Can't go wrong with:  Mixing a stripe or check with a large-scale print, as long as they are in the same color palette; symmetrical accessorizing on a mantel.
Favorite color palette:  Sunny colors --- yellows and reds
Common decorating mistakes I've found:  Hanging artwork too high, or not relating to the furniture below;  furniture placed "ring around the walls"; chandeliers too small for the room.