“Come with your eyes, we take care of the rest”

By+Jamie Alexander

“Come with your eyes, we take care of the rest”
Alain Mikli, renowned European eyewear artist.

The Glance experience offers an opportunity to be seen not only in a different frame, but a different frame of mind.

Catering to upscale and style-sophisticated optical consumers, Glance Eyewear Gallery offers distinctive, exclusive eyewear with a high degree of personal service. Providing product that combines singular design with unparalleled artisanship and a store that makes shopping a sensuous and intimate affair, Glance Eyewear Gallery is a driving force in the eyewear market.

This year marks the 7th anniversary of Glance Eyewear Gallery. Glance was introduced to South Bend in 2001 by co founders Lenore Tracey and Jennifer Cole, opticians, who turned their passion for eyewear and original artwork into art for the face. Dovetailing technical expertise and fashion, Glance is plugged into the European eyewear scene and latest lens innovations. The criterion for choosing product, according to Tracey and Cole is to “select the highest quality in fashion forward and luxury eyewear.” Lens prescriptions digitally transmit from Glance Eyewear Gallery to high–tech, full service labs around the country. This innovative technology ensures the perfect visual balance between frames and lenses resulting in exceptional eyewear.

“We created our business premise on the knowledge that every face is a unique work of art and deserves a great frame” states Tracey. Therefore, when purchasing frames Glance simply accepts one distinctive piece. Presenting singular optical artistry is not an easy feat. Their long-term relationships with European designers ensure the continual introduction to new protégés and viewing of the most contemporary eyewear trends and styles. “Our clients can be assured that once he or she purchases a piece, it is retired from our collection and no one else in the area will look like them” says Tracey.

The combination of art and eyewear in the gallery compliments what they do and why they do it. According to Cole “The eyewear designs are original artwork. We do not reproduce it, we do not accept imitation. It’s not just about a label.” Innovative frame design and construction hand crafted by the artist deliver a quality and uniqueness of the frames that is unsurpassed. The frames are designed intentionally and individually. “There are many attempts to recreate original works of art, but it always ends up looking counterfeit”, says Cole. Applying the same mantra to individuals, Glance believes that a person is not an imitation; they are the original work of art.

The artistic creativity emanating from the shelves of eyewear also flow into the gallery. Intentionally designed, the atmosphere at Glance is complimented with inspirational, original glass artwork creations by local artist Lem Joyner. In addition, April Hallwood Designs crafted the European plastered bar providing a welcoming gathering place to connect with others while selecting eyewear options. Glance temptations include an array of one of a kind semi precious necklaces, bracelets and earrings fashioned by jewelry artist Julie Nagy.