The Home for Your Future - The Continuum Home

By+Amy Conroy

Photos by David Hubler

Imagine living in a house considered art. A home that sits beside a peaceful pond, surrounded by fresh wildflowers, secluded at the end of a cul-de-sac, and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A unique yet timeless atmosphere in which to relax, entertain guests, and where waking up and having a bad day truly seems impossible.




Donna A., the homeowner, had a dream of building a home with two specific goals: first, to meet the desire for her lifelong goal of living in a beautiful home, and second, to implement an energy efficient home that lowers her carbon footprint. Following a recommendation of a friend, she consulted with Pat Trimberger, the home designer and owner of Trimberger Design Group, and Tim Eperjesi, the builder and owner of Alpine Construction, formed a close, collaborative relationship resulting in a one-of-a-kind, warm, contemporary Prairie-style home.

The ultimate blend of Donna’s dream and Trimberger’s creative ideas resulted in a work of art in which the beauty of nature is framed by creative design.

For Trimberger, this framework is influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote “Form and function should be joined in a spiritual union.”




The Continuum Home is a new trend in living seamlessly with modern technology, allowing you to live sustainably in a home that has timeless design with aging-in-place capabilities. Pat and Tim worked closely together with the homeowner to realize her dream for a home that embraces beauty, function, and green initiatives. In this manner, nature is preserved and used wisely.




Opening the door opens the view. The Great Room welcomes all who enter, to relax, share good company and feel at home. Purposefully placed windows and French doors allow you to experience outdoor living inside. The exterior environment is captured by the creative design of the home, with each room featuring a view of the water, sky, and abounding wildflowers that are allowed to grow untamed beyond the deck.

Natural light pours into the home through solar tubes, clerestory and transom windows. Standing from various viewpoints on the main level of the home, the trickling sound of a waterfall atop the stacked stone fireplace enhances the experience of being with nature.

Additional one-of-a-kind features include, designer crafted ironwork, heated acid etched concrete flooring, brushed and chiseled travertine columns, bamboo flooring, cork wallcovering, repurposed wood crown molding, floating glass vessel sinks, stained glass sconces and modern chandeliers. The combination of modern and traditional is transfixing.




Not only do these features make the home a work of art, but they also embrace green initiatives. For instance, exterior features include sustainable yet appealing elements such as recycled vinyl shingle siding, sustainable Massaranduba wood (also known as Brazilian Redwood) decking and a green roof of drought-resistant living grasses above the entry portico that nestles under the striking western rust colored metal roof. The green-colored siding is the first hint that this home is truly green inside and out.

Eco-friendly design in the interior consists of a geothermal heating and cooling system to conserve energy, repurposed iron railing around the fireplace, dual-flush toilets, Energy-Smart faucets, recycled glass counter tops, and locally made custom cabinets. These elements of sustainability were recognized as a Gold Certified Green Home by the National Association of Home Builders.




For Donna, building this custom home was quite a unique experience. “Too many homes are cookie-cutter homes with the same features and color palettes you see everywhere. Both Pat and Tim were willing to try new things, and they have the interest and talent to execute and design a customized living space perfectly suited to their client because they listen carefully and are responsive enough to co-create a living space. From the beginning I knew I was dealing with a team equipped with a high level of talent and integrity. I truly feel blessed to have worked with Pat and Tim.”

To learn more about the Continuum Home design visit or see it for yourself by appointment by emailing Pat Trimberger at or call 574-532-2904.