Planning Your Space

By+Thomas Lovisa, Lovisa & Barone Landscape



There are some key elements to creating a great outdoor living space. Here are some that we recommend including in your plan!

Before & Afters

You don’t need acres of land to have a comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space. Just about any backyard can be transformed into an outdoor living paradise with the right master plan. Take a look at these transformations!

Master Plan

Owners of this property have two young children and wanted to create a space for family to enjoy for many years. This project included four unique living spaces, pool and waterfall, outdoor kitchen pergola with wet bar, and fireplace. The master plan allows the site to have several private living areas and multiple functions, depending on the event.

Utilizing Space

This master plan included a large outdoor pergola with seatwells surrounding a wood burning firepit. The multi-level terrace is perfect for intimate dining or daily grilling. 


Soothing and relaxing, water creates a peaceful environment with a beautiful visual ambience. 


Fire draws people together for conversation and relaxation and creates a warm, welcoming space with its scent, sight and sound.

Bar & Grill

An outdoor bar and grill is an extension of the home and creates an ideal space for gathering with friends and family throughout spring, summer and fall seasons.


Lighting accents the details and focal points of your landscape and architecture. It also creates a mood and is used as a safety feature.


Landscaping creates an inviting and beautiful space with color, textures, height and interest.


With smart planning and design you can arrive at a solution for just about any problem.

Granite Paver Driveway

PROBLEM: Owner needed a durable long life driveway that would withstand harsh winters and also closely match the original terrazzo drive installed in the mid - 1920s.

SOLUTION:  Installation of imported 3” thick 12 x 18” granite slab paver with extreme durability and exquisite beauty that will last a century.

Basement Access

PROBLEM: Owner had no access to basement amenities except through kitchen on second floor. 

SOLUTION:  Cut out basement egress window, and installed full six foot sliding doors to gain full access to basement. Also included a permeable paver drain system at door that gravity drained to lower lake on property. 


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