Neutralize. Maximize. Refresh. With Paint!

By+Chuck Lee, Owner of C.E.Lee Decorating Center

Are you bored with your space but not looking to remodel just yet?
Are you looking to update a room without buying all new furniture?
Consider the power of paint—it can really transform your space.


The colors potential buyers see when they enter your home should be neutral so the buyers will not be distracted by someone else’s style. They should see the walls of your home as a blank canvas on which to project their own preferences and style. But “neutral” doesn’t necessarily mean white. Using subtle color can actually enhance the buyer’s experience, so repaint walls that have strong colors with rich neutral hues.


Light, clean, organized spaces appear larger. So clean and de-clutter, and give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a light neutral color to bring the room to life and make it seem more expansive. Consider painting the moldings the same color as the wall, giving an illusion of higher walls.


If your wallpaper has a distracting design or is outdated, remove it and add a fresh coat of paint for a more current, updated look. A low-sheen product will help reduce the imperfections on walls and ceilings. You can also use color to highlight the architectural details and features of your home.


In over 20 years of selling paint, I have never seen paint as good as Benjamin Moore’s Aura. After having the opportunity to apply the product and see how it performed in our showroom, I was very impressed. Our customers love it too.

Aura paint features a completely new proprietary resin and colorant system. The colorant binds much more strongly to the paint film and actually makes the paint film stronger (in conventional paint the more colorant essentially thins the paint). The result is a richer looking, much more durable paint that will cover any color with any color in a maximum of two coats (and often only one coat).

Also, the waterborne resin and colorant systems in Aura are more environmentally friendly because it releases fewer Volatile Organic Compounds than conventional paint.

Aura is more expensive per gallon, but using it may cost you less overall. It does not require a primer, so when you would normally need three gallons of paint to complete a room (one gallon of primer and two gallons of finish coat), you only need two gallons of Aura.