It’s Baaaaack: Wallpaper Resurfaces and other 2015 Décor Trends

By+Kathy Jonas

Does your heart sink when you hear that wallpaper is back? Do you have not-so -fond memories of the tedious, mind-numbing job of stripping the maroon and evergreen floral patterns from your kitchen or dining room inch by inch and fingernail by fingernail? Did you vow to “never go back” no matter what is “in?”


We’ve all been there. But today’s wallpaper products vary greatly from those of the past. For one thing, digital printing has revolutionized the patterns, adding details that were never possible before. “Nothing warms up a room and decorates it as instantly as wallpaper,” according to Carol Brademas, owner of Interiors Etc. in Mishawaka. 


Brademas said the shop has always used wallpaper as a decorating tool for clients, so she is thrilled it is making a comeback.


Wallpaper is just one of the 2015 trends we’ve been seeing. While we never want to invest in fads just for the sake of fads, adding an element to your home to modernize an outdated look, add a brilliant pop of color or deal with a problem area, is a fun way to problem solve.


Here are a few tips to get rid of the winter décor blues:

1. The movement to simplify and get unplugged is making its way into the home arena. And that’s no surprise. Where else do we go when we want to get away from it all? We’re seeing a move away from some of the bright, bright pops of color to the more understated, toned down hues reflecting nature and even tropical beach vacations. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is all about warmth and richness and that ever-popular wine vibe.


2. Some other popular colors mentioned by Pantone: Scuba Blue, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Tangerine and Mustard. Who doesn’t just adore the names of these colors? They are good enough to eat! And Pantone called the whole bunch of Spring colors “En Plein Air” or “in the open air.” Folk art is also reflected in designs. Blue, blue and more blue is going to be huge, according to Brademas. 


3. As we said before, ready or not, wallpaper is making a comeback. Geometric shapes are huge, as are bold colors and new textures. One trend we’re seeing a lot of is applying wallpaper on just one, strategic wall. It adds interest and luxury, but is not overwhelming. Small bathrooms are the perfect place to try something outside your normal decorating box. Some fun patterns seen: wooden wine crates, library books and crowns for the “throne room.”


4. If you’re not a fan of bolder colors, you’re probably someone who loves neutrals and whites. With those colors as your backdrop, you can either add accent colors or decorate in all neutrals. The all-white or neutral look is soothing, calming and peaceful. We all could use some of that, right? And don’t forget about gray—it is the new neutral.


5. Wrapping yourself in a chunky, cozy cable-knit sweater is the idea of the very popular knit pillows and throws, which will warm up any residence with much-needed texture. As the chill becomes the norm, it is only natural that cable knit pillows and throws (cashmere if you can swing it) have taken over as a popular accessory for chairs and sofas. Some colors are brighter and others lean toward the natural or the Irish sweater colors. How about a cup of Earl Grey or a glass of brandy? 


6. Display your favorite collection 

of blue and white china or family photographs like a pro. It’s not easy achieving that casual but perfectly curated look. Why do you think museums hire experts? Proper spacing and placement can be difficult. Perfect shelving display is also an art. Are your books and favorite things piled in a big jumble? Refreshing your collections can change the entire look of a room. Brademas said bigger is better in terms of what’s trending with accessories, so the “itsy-bitsys” are out. 


7. Wood, wood and more wood. Bruce Haupert of Haupert Construction said the wood trend is showing up in dark wood cabinetry in espresso and chocolate and in painted cabinets, mainly gray Shaker-type cabinetry. He said dark, hand-scraped looking flooring is also popular. In that same vein, reclaimed wood in home construction is a trend that’s not going away. Mantels, flooring and doors are perfect uses of recycled wood.


8. The juxtaposition of rustic materials and more refined materials is termed “ancient modern” by Jeff Helman, AIA, of HELMAN SECHRIST Architecture. “This is a growing trend that we wholeheartedly embrace as a means to creating depth and warmth in the selection of finishes.” Reclaimed barn wood remains popular for walls and flooring, he added.


So 2014: Chevrons; taxidermy animal heads; distressed furniture, and chalkboard paint. While subway tile is on its way out, it’s still popular locally.


Happy Decorating!!!!