Golf Cart Garage

By+Kelli Stopczynski

Do you ever feel like your garage can’t possibly hold any more stuff?  Alongside your vehicles, you’ve stashed bicycles, tools, a lawnmower, the snow blower, motorcycles and other things you can’t store anywhere else.  It’s tough to squeeze in and out of your car every day, and getting to the cooler for that cookout next weekend seems impossible.

Randy Williams knows the feeling. 

“When you have two cars, a golf cart and a riding lawn mower inside a two car garage there’s not a lot of room to move,” he explained.

That’s why Williams, an avid golfer who lives on the third hole of the East Knollwood Golf Course, decided to build an addition for the golf cart he and his brother drive almost every day of the week. 

A retired insurance claims adjuster, Williams knows dozens of area contractors personally.  Out of those he’s worked with professionally, Williams chose Elkhart based restoration and remodeling company ABCO, Inc. to design and build his golf cart addition.

“I hate when you can tell an addition has been built onto a house.  To me, it was important any addition look like it was part of the original structure,” Williams said.  “I knew the size I wanted, and I left it up to ABCO to come up with a design that would match the roofline and the rest of the house.” 

ABCO owner Bill Wallis was thrilled to get the job.

“Out of all the contractors he knows, I was honored he chose us.  This speaks volumes of how Randy feels about our company and the quality of work we do,” said Wallis.

Aside from custom additions like the garage add-on, ABCO also specializes in all aspects of remodeling.

Wallis takes great pride in their reputation and the fact that they build strong relationships with customers during      each project.

Upon completion of the project, Williams can’t say enough about the quality of ABCO’s workmanship. 

“It’s excellent.  I’m tickled with how it turned out,” he laughed.