From Drab To Dreamhouse: Remodeling The Peacock Way

By+Shelly M. Kurz

Anyone who has ever thought about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or maybe adding on a whole new room edition, has probably stared fear and anxiety right in the face. Doubts about choosing the right contractor or concerns about how disruptive the project will be, how costs will be controlled and how the end result will turn out keep many from moving forward with the project. Fears like these are often the only reason some homeowners never take the plunge from remodeling dreams to dream home reality. Scott Peacock, owner of Peacock and Company, along with a crew that he demands be “house broke,” understands this well. “I know how unnerving it is to homeowners to have people working in their house. That’s why I’m all about quality. I don’t want my name on anything that’s bad or that people have problems with.” Rest assured, this promise of quality isn’t one that stands on shaky ground. Since 1984, Scott Peacock and his professional staff have built one of this area’s top remodeling companies on a strong foundation that’s supported by years of experience, uncompromising quality workmanship and a customer service motto that’s never a nonchalant “whatever,” but instead, an earnest “whatever it takes.” When Scott started the business 25 years ago, details were just as important then as they are now. Many of the early projects involved sunrooms that were actually built like the rest of the home instead of having the typical “added-on” look. “It was real important, down to the last detail both on the interior and the exterior, that everything matched. We went to great lengths back then and we still do today to make sure everything goes together,” claims Scott. “We work with a multitude of suppliers to help match what builders have been using for the last half century.” Today, Peacock and Company takes great pride in continuing their tradition of offering seamless room additions as well as impeccable kitchen, bathroom and general remodeling. Peacock and Company operates a little different than many remodeling companies. Instead of relying on the sometimes erratic availability of subcontractors to complete construction, Scott believes it’s best to have his own employees so that he can better guarantee consistency in service and quality. “We do hire subs for the mechanicals like plumbing and electric but the guys who do the construction work are employees with full benefit packages,” says Scott. People are held accountable and expectations for employees are high. Not only do they answer to Scott, but their customers, who provide a “report card” by completing a series of questions about their experience once the project is completed, also hold them accountable. “We’ve got a great team here,” says Scott. “We respect one another and help each other out and the lines of communication are always open.” This kind of teamwork enables Peacock and Company to live up to their promise of starting when they say they’ll start and finishing on time, too. When it comes to a remodeling job, no one likes surprises—not the contractor and especially not the homeowner. To alleviate unnecessary headaches and extra costs once a project is in process, a detailed proposal is written so everyone is in agreement and knows what to expect. “We itemize every detail so there aren’t any questions or surprises once we get into the process. Everything must be defined in the proposal,” claims Scott. To further reduce the anxiety that many homeowners may still feel, Scott stands behind every job with a warranty that guarantees complete customer satisfaction. A company doesn’t remain competitive in the remodeling business if it doesn’t have creative vision and the ability to keep up with new and changing technology. “That’s part of the fun of this business,” says Scott. “The new gadgets blow my mind!” One of the biggest changes in the remodeling industry today is the fact that homeowners have many more resources available to learn about new products and services. The Internet, along with television networks such as HGTV, have made a positive impact by opening new doors to creativity and showcasing what’s available now and how it can make homes and lives better. Scott says he’s most amazed by how incredibly creative homeowners are today in completely designing their own project. Although Peacock and Company has its own design staff available to customers, most people know exactly what they want before they even hire a contractor. “I’m seeing new products and ideas everyday from our customers,” says Scott. “And we’ll search until we find whatever they want.” In addition to custom product orders, Peacock and Company carries a very distinctive custom kitchen line, a wide variety of countertops and such reputable brand names as Pella and Kohler. After 25 years in business, Scott Peacock is still as excited about being in the remodeling industry as he was in the beginning. He jumps in with both feet everyday to meet new challenges, design unique projects and fulfill customers’ creative requests for both function and innovation. Taking so much pride in a job well done, Scott says his best reward is a happy customer. Remodeling allows a homeowner to have their dream home under their same old roof, not to mention the fact that it increases a home’s value while eliminating the headaches that go along with building a brand new home or moving to a different one. “And it also allows people to stay put in the neighborhood they love,” adds Scott. Speaking of neighborhoods, Scott enjoys spending time in his when he’s not working. “I have a big yard with two ponds, a waterfall and a 60 foot stream between them. I really love yard work as well as tinkering in my shop at home.” And if time allows, a round of golf or a good book makes for a relaxing diversion in the busy life of Scott Peacock.