An Eden at Diamond Lake

By+Alyssa Barnes

“Functionally Exquisite!” These are the words Kevin Yoder, of K.W. Yoder Construction uses to describe the Diamond Lake dream home of long-time friends, Sherry and Tim Sargent. The basic floor plan and exteriors of the home, designed by Helman Sechrist Architecture, were the perfect canvas to inspire Kevin to add his interior design and finish ideas to make this a truly exquisite home.

A one lane off-road entrance to the Sargent home is easy to miss, but a home of this caliber is not. At first glance, this beautiful, rustic home will definitely enforce the exquisite in his definition, but wait until you get an    in-depth view of functional!

Much thought and consideration has gone into the functionality of the home and how it works for the family.

“We took what they needed and married it to a very green approach to the construction without sacrificing design or finish,” Yoder explains.

Living on a lake for 16 years, Sherry Sargent knew exactly what she needed in a home – space!

“We do a lot of entertaining and needed enough room for everyone not to bump into each other, while at the same time being kind to the earth,” she says.

There is a space for everyone in the family. This can be seen ranging from Sargent’s parents’ master suite on the main floor to the designated girls’ dorm decorated in pink and boys’ dorm with bunk beds that reach   the ceiling.

“The design is based on the way our family lives on the lake,” Sherry exclaims. This is how the wet room in the basement came about. “Nobody wants lake water tracked throughout their house and the wet room is the perfect way around this.”

The screened-in porch, floor-to-ceiling windows and all the balconies off the bedrooms have astonishing views of the lake. Then, there is Sherry’s favorite: the flow between the gorgeous kitchen, living space and staircase that Kevin and Sherry designed together.

In order to reduce energy use in such a large home, they decided to go with Greywater recycling and geothermal heating and cooling, these both encourage conservation of natural resources.

Yoder also took recycled materials of the original house such as the front door and had it made into a custom head board and foot board for the guest master bedroom. The marble of the original fireplaces is now installed to accent the new fireplaces. K.W. Yoder Construction demonstrates that if you are going to build a larger home, you have a responsibility to build a green home, and reduce your environmental footprint and you can do this all while having a beautiful home.

This home is undeniably unique. Yoder says, “The home is so special because of the way the concept of the home is carried out throughout the whole house.”

Sherry, Tim and their three children all love to sail and they wanted the nautical theme to be conveyed throughout the house. This can be seen from the crown molding that is designed to look like nautical ropes to the sailboat that hangs from the kitchen and the rope pattern that Z-Stone intricately cut into the granite countertops.
One of the very unique features of this house is the hand-carved sailboat above the stove that was carved by Sherry’s father. “I am very proud of him,” Sherry states.

The little details that are seen throughout really make this house a home and give it a very personal touch.

Sherry says, “The overall intention of this house is for my kids to use with their future kids.”

“The floor plan and exteriors took a lot of work, but it was fun,” Sherry states. “I told Kevin Yoder and Jeff Helman (Helman Sechrist Architecture), two words: ‘Refined Rustic’, and they made my dream come true.”

“Not only is Kevin a good friend, but that friendship stems from the working relationship that began 15 years ago. His company is truly amazing.”

Three months of design and one and a half years of building and K.W. Yoder Construction created the Sargents’ very own Diamond Lake version of Eden.



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